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How To Turn Videos Into Gifs.

Technological advancement has led to introduction of many platforms accessible online where users can interact and communicate with others. Some of the commonly used formats for sharing and receiving content include photos and videos and many more formats. Gifs which stand for graphics interchange format is a type of media that consists of a video put on loop and can be used to communicate. The gifs play continuously but are usually very short with most playing for a maximum of five seconds or even less. Many platforms including text messaging, emails and other online platforms allow people to share the gifs without much trouble.

The nature of consuming less space is of advantage to users as they spend fewer data to send and receive them and also not much storage space is needed. Since their introduction the gifs have become a sensation for all internet users who use them for personal and professional purposes. One picks some video and trims it to a short timeframe and it maybe videos of popular people or homemade video clips. In most cases gifs are used as exciting and funny by selecting some scenes that are quite hilarious. Gifs are very effective when used for adverts since most users are proved to prefer viewing the gifs as compared to other means of advertisement. It is possible to create gifs from normal videos and it only involves simple steps to produce gifs of good quality.

The first thing one needs to do is choose the context or subject which the gif will be used to address. For gifs intended for professional purposes the subject should be in accordance with the goals and objectives of the service providers. The next step involves recording videos based on the subject chosen and this can be done using phones have high-quality cameras. The video may then be edited through special software created to help in converting them to gifs which are available in many platforms.

The users are allowed to modify the video in the ways they like and select a timeframe that the gif will play for using the software. There are programs designed to enable advanced modifications for gifs to set it to desired appearances and properties and more info. Through the Photoshop software one can add text onto the gifs and change aspects like background colors and other properties. Users can get videos from other sources such as movies and music videos to make gifs using some online sites offering these services. If one knows the address of a video they can place it on the site to get it and make changes to create a gif and click here for here. The device used to capture videos must be of high quality.