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Streaming VS Cable TV- Which is the Best Option.

When it comes to cable or satellite connection, around 5 million Americans stopped using it last year. It is also predicted that by the year 2021, the number of Americans not using pay TV will rise to 80 million. This has been brought by people preferring streaming services compared to the cable services.

Among the many reasons of wanting to get rid of pay TV, cost is one of them. The cost of pay TV is close to $100, people think this is high considering they do not watch most stations the cable connection has to offer.

With pay Tv viewers are required to watch to many commercials, that they are not interested in. Close to 16 minutes per hour are spend on airing commercials in these connections. People who have a DVR are at an advantage since they can fast-forward past these commercials. If you are streaming you do not have to watch these commercials, hence you end up saving on time.

The many options available have led to people abandoning pay tv. Alternatives like YouTube allows viewers to watch videos for free, other options include amazon prime videos, Netflix and Hulu.

Viewers should know that cutting the cord is not always the preferred choice for all people. It is possible to watch an episode of a program on the same day it airs when you are using streaming services. With streaming one has to wait for some days before you can get to watch an episode of a program.
For sports fans especially, those that are big supporters of teams in other markets, getting rid of cable TV can bring some challenges. With a digital TV antennae such problems can be solved. Streaming packages are also available with some sports leagues.

People with unreliable internet, should wait until they get a reliable source of internet so as to get rid of the cable TV. Nothing is more stressful than buffering occurring while you are trying to watch one of your best programs. If you are having a 4k streaming, the minimum Mbps you can have is 25, for HD videos one is required to have at least 5 Mbps. In cases where you have several devices in the house that are using the internet, to make sure they are all having internet connection, you will be required to have more Mbps.

The people who should consider getting rid of cable TV are people with reliable internet connection, have smart TV and are looking forward to save money. The many alternatives of streaming services offer shows that are usually exclusive. It is cheaper to subscribe to several streaming services at once as compared to paying for cable TV. Using cable TV is expensive in the long run.